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Cal Men's Basketball At Oregon Gamethread

Time: 4:30 pm PT
Radio: KNEW 910 / SiriusXM 94 / XM Satellite 190
Streams: Check the comments
Injuries: Brandon Smith will miss today's game due to a concussion suffered against Oregon St.

Game Preview

Road wins in the Pac-12 are valuable. After 20 conference games, there have only been 4 wins by the road team (Though Arizona is well on their way to a 5th against USC). The losers in those games have included USC (bad) Utah (worse) Washington St. (worst, I guess). The one good team to lose at home was Oregon St. last night to Stanford . . . and it took four overtimes for the Cardinal to earn that win.

A win today and Cal keeps pace at the top of the conference standings, just half a game behind first place . . . wait, really, Colorado? I guess that's right. Lose and they fall into a multi-team tie for 6th. It's early still, but if the goal is to win the conference, this is a game you win. Let's go win.