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Cal Men's Basketball Fouled By Beavers, 92-85

Sounded like an exciting 1st half. Sounded like a disappointing 2nd half. Are road woes become a Cal theme?

Did we get jobbed by the refs? How cool was it that Solo was able to play again?

We couldn't stop a 5'9 guard from dropping 3's all over on us. We couldn't stop an Aussie center from dropping 3's all over us. The refs apparently confused Jared Cunningham for an NBA All-Star and gave him the Jordan treatment whenever he drove towards the basket.

Jorge showed up big, but we didn't enough shots for our bigs and needed a lot more production out of Allen Crabbe. Besides Solo, it sounded like we didn't get a lot out of our bench. And once again, backup point guard is becoming a concern against pressure and teams with athletic defenders.

This is your post-game thread. Grouse, vent, and talk about the game here.