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Golden Nuggets: Zach Kline on Committing to an Entire University, Not Just a Position Coach

No one has been more committed to Cal throughout this tumultuous past month than Zach Kline. The early enrollee wonders why so many have wavered in their commitment to the Bears and has some advice for those who base their decision on a single coach.

"Those who want to be Bears, who bleed blue and gold, will stay with it," he said. "You don't play for one coach. You play for yourself, you play for coach Tedford and you play for the university. I think ... the guys who are committed understand that. They're true Bears. They want to be here."

This, from a young man who pedaled a bicycle with a blue frame, gold-trimmed wheels and gold handgrips to his interview at the Simpson High Performance Center, while wearing a Cal sweatshirt and cap.

"Zach's a very loyal, methodical kid," Lisa Kline said. "He never rushes into a decision. He's been going to Cal camps since he was in eighth grade."

Before he left for a huge pay raise at Washington, Lupoi was involved heavily in recruiting a number of top players for Cal. Kline, however, was not one of them.

"He was not a deciding factor in whether I was coming here or not," Kline said. "Coach Tedford and coach (Marcus) Arroyo are the ones who recruited me. You should go to a school for reasons other than your position coach, I believe. Committing for one coach is not the smartest thing to do."

In case you weren't already enamored with Kline, here's one more fun story: ESPN predicts he'll win the 2015 Johnny Unitas award as the nation's best senior quarterback. They expect Kline to seize the starting role in 2013.

After the jump Jorge admits Cal-Stanford isn't much of a rivalry and ESPN's latest bracketology has Cal opening the tourney against Harvard.