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Cedric Dozier Sticks With Cal, Jordan Payton Switches From Cal To Washington

First up, Wide Receiver Jordan Payton announces his college decision at 1:10 PM. You can watch it at ESPNU. Here is the online ESPN360 channel for ESPNU.

Word on the street is that Jordan Payton, who previously did choose Cal, will not choose Cal when it is time to put pen to paper. But those are all just rumors and innuendo right now. Hope springs eternal!

UPDATE: As expected, Payton switches from Cal to Washington.

That is at 1:10. At 2:30, Athlete Cedric Dozier will make his college decision. He is between Cal and Washington State. The News Tribune, out of Tacoma, WA, will try to webcast the announcement. It appears that the webcast might be listed here. We'll keep an eye out for it and try to edit in a link if we can find a direct one as the time approaches.

UPDATE: Dozier commits to Cal once more. GO BEARS! (Read up on our original story here.)

So, use this thread to discuss the two announcements. Hopefully, Cal will go 2-2, although there are serious concerns that that will not happen. GO BEARS!