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Cal-Stanford Men's Basketball Photo Essay 1.29.12

What's that? An amazing home nighttime victory at Haas? In case you missed it, here are the highlights:

CGB was there in full force. We sold over 50 tickets for a CGB night. We pre-gamed at Jupiter's (thanks to AndBears to setting that up and everybody who came out). The only problem? Once we got to the game, nobody know anybody! We had sold all these tickets right in one area, but I didn't know if the people next to me were CGBears or just regular Bears! And it is awkward to go around saying "So, what is your #1 source for online Cal news????? What do you mean BearTerritory?!?!?"

So, to all the CGBears that we were hoping to meet and didn't know who was who, I'm sorry. Perhaps next time we'll pick a really crappy game and have a banner up or some such thing. Until then, we have these photos of the game. Normally, I'd split these up into 2 posts, because there are quite a few. However, we have chocablock recruiting coverage starting tomorrow and two more games at the end of the week. So, let's do this thing! GO BEARS!

For those who had heard that Raleigh's and Intermezzo burned down, here is visual evidence.



There was a sign up that said they were going to put in temporary tents to house restaurants. Tent Raleighs?? Could it be?

Did not go to the BBall Alumni party. Did anybody go? What did Coach Feller say?


The scene was hopping! Haas is back. Long lines to get in.




Even the Stanford band was in tow. This is probably not the best time to express my views on them.


The student section was packed and rocking all night long. When I first started at Cal, the marching band was smack dab in the middle of it. They moved the band to the side later and I think it was a smart move. I hope we can build off of this.


The team came out for warm ups.






Time for introductions. First, Stanford.


Then, it's time for darkness and light and Eddie Kleinhans talking loudly Cal introductions!


Bak Bak got some early playing time.




Frankly, from an objective point of view, the game wasn't that good. Lots of bad passing, missed free throws, and screwed up fast breaks. Cal kept shooting itself in the foot. But Stanford did, too. So, it stayed close.


Allan Crabbe shows off his dance moves.


Stanford hit a shot at the last minute to take a halftime lead. But both teams were playing tight and the score reflected that.


Halftime show was a European dance of some sort.


And we're back!





This is a shot of the video screen 1 second after they put our name up on it. Eddie even said our name. YAY! I was zooming in to get a close shot and then it went away. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Apparently, we then responded:




GOLD OUT video for the Arizona game this Thursday! Check out the enthusiastic fans. So enthusiastic. Especially the one on the right!


When I am at the game, I can barely process the stats. I have no idea what the score is half the time. But I feel like we did great with the rebounds. Kamp looked good out there on the boards. Jorge had a great board where he tipped it up to himself. The focus on his face as the ball went up and he lept for it was amazing. I love Jorge!


With about 10 minutes left in the game, Cal finally starting finishing well. Basic passes were on course. Free throws were made. And thanks to that, Cal took over. I think Cal played a bit worse than its talent level for most of the game and Stanford played a bit higher than its talent level. That is why it was tied for most of the game. But talent took over and Cal shot off for a solid victory.


The Tree and Oski had a dance off! This time, Oski didn't attack the tree! And Oski won the dance off!


69-59! GO BEARS!


On the way out, we stopped by Pappy's, where Blake's used to be, to check out the scene. They do the post-game show there now and I saw Eddie Kleinhans there. I like the new Blake's. They got rid of the dank. THE DANK!


This is the downstairs:


So much change in Berkeley. Raleigh's gone...BUT MAYBE BACK! Blake's gone, but Pappy's back.

And the Bear's Lair is something called Wing Fiesta. Because Wing Party sounds like a game in Mario Party. WING FIESTA!

And Go Bears!