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More Clothing Options Available At The CGB Clothing Store!

We're nothing if not democratic over here. Since we rolled out the #CalGang T-Shirts earlier this month, people have been brainstorming further ideas for shirts. The #CalGang shirts have been so popular that even Coach Tedford's son, Quinn Tedford, was seen rocking one. Now, we have a few more options available at the store.

Firstly, we've added a woman's slimfit T-Shirt option. All of our #CalGang designs are now available in woman's slimfit T-Shirt, including the new designs being unveiled right now!

Secondly, as the last sentence alluded to, we've added some new designs. One of our favorite Cal sporting teams (and it is SO hard to pick a favorite!) is the Cal softball team. They had a great season last year and are looking to have another great season in 2012. So, we put together a #CalGang design for the Cal softball team.


You can see all the pieces of clothing available with the Cal Softball design here. There are a variety of both men's and women's items, including a track jacket, spaghetti strap tank, and even a junior's shirt.

We've also been impressed with the sheer awesomeness of Cal footballer Avery Sebastian. Not only is his name two really awesome first names, it is also two really awesome last names. Tough to beat that. He has a great line "We All We Got. We All We Need." And he was kind enough to allow us to fashion a design with that line.


Thanks, Avery! You can purchase this in men's t-shirt, women's t-shirt, muscle t, or the women's slimfit (as noted above). You can sort all the products in the clothing store by category by using the drop down menus right above the clothing items.

After the jump, we have a few more designs that can be purchased. And we're always soliciting suggestions. So, continue to tell us your thoughts and if they are cool enough, you might see them on the body of a slim and fit woman!

As a reminder, we do not make any commission off of the sales here. We set the commission at $0.00 to keep the cost to you as inexpensive as possible. So, when you think insane markup, you don't have to think CGB anymore! Thanks and GO BEARS!





Besides these new designs, you can always purchase any of our other, classic (ok, not really classic, but you gotta hustle, right?) designs. So, poke your head around and see what you wanna buy. We have 152 products available in a variety of colors.


I'm told by one of the Spreadshirt people that they are running a shipping promotion. Here is more information:

1. US Version
Spend $30, Get Free Standard Shipping*
Enter the code SWEET12 at Checkout
*Free standard shipping offer applies to orders under $99.99 and is equivalent to a $7 discount. Expires on January 30th 2012.

It ends soon, so buy now. GO BEARS!