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Golden Nuggets: Todd Howard Channels His Inner Beast Mode to Secure an Interview with Cal

Jim McGill of BearInsider posted this incredible story on Todd Howard's journey just to get an interview with Cal. The more I read about this guy, the more excited I am that he is our new D-line coach. If he can instill this drive and determination into our players, the Cal defensive front will be unstoppable.

"It's blizzard weather up there in Eastern Washington," said Howard. "I was supposed to fly in for the meeting on Thursday afternoon.

"I couldn't get out at 6:30. I couldn't get out at 10. I couldn't get out at 3:30. Everything was cancelled so I asked about Friday but the earliest flight out on Friday was 5 pm.

"So I called Cal and said, 'Why don't I drive to Portland. I know I can catch a flight out of there and get to Oakland.'

"They said, 'Are you willing to do that?' And I told them, 'Yes, I am.'

"I left Pullman, Washington Thursday evening in a blizzard. I almost turned around 4 or 5 times. I couldn't go more than 20 miles an hour. I was out on the roads alone, no one out there. With the adrenaline going, I was holding on tight with both hands.

"I had blowing snow coming at me and I'm driving on ice. It took me almost ten hours to get from Pullman to Portland but I made out of sheer determination and was able to get up and catch that flight and go interview. "

This quote is the cherry on top of this fantastic story.

"You look at what I did at UCLA, I can recruit, too," said Howard. "You can go down the list. I got Owa, from Oregon, Cassius Marsh, Brandon Willis from South Carolina. In my head-to-head battles with Tosh, I won quite a few.

After the jump Demariay Drew commits to Cal, men's basketball moves up in this week's edition of bracketology, and a pair of Cal ruggers join the US National 7s team.