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Golden Nuggets: Will Arik Armstead's Connection with Todd Howard Bring Him to Cal?

Our new defensive line coach Todd Howard has an interesting connection to Arik Armstead: he offered him a scholarship back when Armstead was just a freshman. Will this play a role in Armstead's choice?

Arik Armstead is a wanted man, with scores of colleges providing a full-court press to talk to him, to visit him, to land his considerable football and basketball gifts. The 6-foot-8, 295-pound Pleasant Grove High School All-American lineman will entertain home visits in the coming days from the following schools:

* Cal (Bears have been on him since his freshman season, with football coach Jeff Tedford and basketball boss Mike Montgomery coming for home visits with more to come; new DL coach hire Todd Howard is interesting as Howard was the first to offer Armstead a scholarship - 3 years ago when Howard was at UCLA).
Said Arik, "I'll take my time and make the best decision. It got too rushed. We'll figure things out."

Armstead said Saturday that he does like Todd Howard, the new Cal defensive line coach and joked that he hoped the coach still remembered him. Son, he remembers.

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After the jump Cal loses a tough game to Washington State and rugby's merciless campaign continues, as the ruggers have now outscored opponents 352-13 this year.



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