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Cal Men's Basketball At Washington St. Gamethread

Time: 3:00 pm PT
Radio: KNEW 910
Streams: Check the comments

Including today, only three more games that won't be televised this year. Just three more. But it's still annoying. Washington St. has their version of All-Access if you really feel like paying to watch this one. If not you'll likely be stuck with Roxy and Todd, which isn't the worst fate in the world. Anybody feel like some Thurmanator Hammer Time?

Win this one and the Bears head back home to host Stanford with a chance to put a death grip on the conference. Lose and . . . well, Stanford's still next, but the death grip part is off the table. I want a death grip!

We've previewed this game and covered the stakes. The always insightful CougCenter has a preview of their own. Our Qs, their As. Our As, their Qs. Ready? Ready. Let's enjoy ourselves some Saturday afternoon basketball. Go Bears!