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Golden Nuggets: Wes Chandler Brings an Old School Philosophy and Work Ethic to Cal

Faraudo recently had a chance to speak with our new WR coach Wes Chandler. While I still do not know much about his coaching results on the field, I am very pleased with how he describes his coaching philosophy.

You spent a long time as a pro player and coach. The college game is totally different. Talk about how will you adapt:

"First of all, when I retired, the first opportunity I had in coaching was at the high school level, at a private prep school in Daytona Beach. The following year I was the head coach and athletic director. When I got the opportunity to coach at Central Florida, it gave me enough that I could say I took a lot away from being able to reach out to these young men. They’re hungry and looking for someone who can help them become the best player they can be. Or, if not, (give) them necessary tools to be successful in life.

"You coach the game the same way. You never waver from the basic fundamentals of teaching the game. You have to have patience with these players. They have have to be academically eligible to participate. When I was athletic director not one of the sports programs was allowed to pick up a ball until they had a one-hour tutorial. Today’s athletes have to study history or they become hustory.

"You never want to take away their dream. They believe they can become the next Jerry Rice, the next DeSean Jackson. There’s also a price to pay and that’s the classroom. You have to have communication with these young men. Not only are you their technician, but also a friend."
Talk about your work in recent years coaching elite-level high school prospects and even younger players with Football University:

"Sometimes people get caught up in the hype that this guy played pro football. But the things I’m able to teach I didn’t read about. It’s my true life experience. I do talk about not just the good things, but the things I had to learn. I wasn’t born with the greatest gifts in the world. I had to work at it. Football is just as much mental as it is physical. It goes back to becoming a student of the game."

How do you feel about the modern tools of recruiting . . . social media, Twitter, Facebook?

"The digital age of communication with people is huge. We see it in politics and, more importantly, we see it in football. At the end of the day, it’s about being able to sit down in front of a young man and his family and talk about the game of life. Not do it on the phone, not text him `Hello.’ Let them hear that come out of your mouth instead of reading it. There’s a tremendous difference. I can respect (social media). But the people who take advantage of the key recruiting aspects, they do it in person."

That last answer seals the deal. I'm all aboard the Chandler Train.

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