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"New Years" Bowls Afternoon Open Thread

Two more bowls end today's bowlathon. First up, we have the Rose Bowl,

matching up Pac-12 Champion Oregon with Big10 Champion Wisconsin:

Oregon and Wisconsin have been no strangers to BCS appearances in recent years, but both are seeking that elusive victory in the national spotlight.

Featuring contrasting yet ruthlessly proficient offenses, the Ducks and Badgers meet in the Rose Bowl on Monday at Pasadena, Calif.

The sixth-ranked Ducks (11-2), who lost the 2011 BCS title game to Auburn in Pasadena, won the Pac-12 championship game to earn their third straight BCS appearance. Oregon, which opened the season with a loss to then-No. 4 LSU, had its hopes for a second straight title game appearance dashed with a 38-35 defeat toSouthern California on Nov. 19.

And then, at the end of the night, we have the Fiesta Bowl. This bowl includes another Pac-12 team, Stanford. They take on Oklahoma State:

A national title game-worthy team is looking to spoil the likely college finale for one of the most coveted pro prospects in history.

It seems like a terrific start to 2012 for the Fiesta Bowl after a dismal 2011.

Andrew Luck plays what is expected to be his final game before becoming the likely No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft, with Stanford trying to prevent Oklahoma State from proving it should have been the one playing for a BCS championship.

So, leave your thoughts about the games here! GO BEARS!