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What Horrific Thing Will Happen To Cal Tomorrow?

Well, this week has sucked. And it is barely half over! First, on Monday, UW poached our rising star in Tosh Lupoi. Then, on Tuesday, UW poached our generally well liked WR coach in Eric Kiaseu. Then, today, UW poached all of Richard Solomon's notes, homework, and test answers and he was declared academically ineligible.

Can nobody stop this league of super villains????

So, my question to you, dear readers, is what terrible, terrible thing will happen to Cal tomorrow? We're Cal, so there are really a lot of disastrous things that could happen! I feel like YHWH gets really creative with us when its time for the plagues and the locusts and the bla bla bla. So, vote in the poll and tell us in the comments, what thing won't we be able to unsee tomorrow?