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Tosh Lupoi Gone: Cal Football Recruiting Impacted With Arik Armstead & Ellis McCarthy Moving On

We'll have more on Tosh's departure soon and what it means for the program, but first what you probably all care about the most in the short-term. Recruiting. What does this mean for our class?

Hopefully, it doesn't mean total disaster. Unlike last year's class, which was heavily defensive-oriented, the class was mainly focused on putting offensive guys on the field, particularly at QB, WR, and O-line. These guys won't really be coached by Tosh, and there are capable coaches on the offensive side of the ball that should be able to make those verbals stick. While there are still a couple of needs (particularly at tight end), I'd say we retain at least 80% of our class, if not more.

Unfortunately, there are some big defensive line recruits that Cal is looking at and a few other big targets that really liked what Tosh had to bring to the table. And right now we have no coach or main recruiting coordinator on the defensive end of the football. This will be a stomach-churning two weeks.

Arik Armstead was supposed to make his decision today, and Cal could still be in the mix, but Tosh was a big part of that decision, and he'll now need time to think.

UPDATE: Arik has eliminated Cal.

Ellis McCarthy is currently committed to the Bears, but USC and UCLA are still factoring in and are both likely to see visits soon. For what it's worth, McCarthy's dad had this to say.

This will be a battle to the end.

UPDATE: McCarthy has flipped to UCLA.

After the jump, more recruiting reaction.

Aziz Shittu is probably wide open. Shittu just got accepted into the Cardinal last week.

I thought there was a good chance we'd get all three of these guys a week ago. Now I'd be happy to get one.

And yes, Shaq.

Most everyone else is sticking with the Bears.

Bryce Treggs:

Chris Harper

Michael Barton

Steven Moore

Hardy Nickerson

Darius Powe

Freddie Tagaloa

Matt Cochran

Jordan Payton

Cedric Dozier