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Cal Bears Throttle the Utes, 81-45

Jorge bounced back in a big way. Harper continued his hot hand and was deadly both inside and out. Justin Cobbs controlled this game from the point. Even better, we had a Rossi sighting! And contributions from Behrens!

From start to finish, this game had "Bears" stamped all over it. This was a contest that we should have dominated. And after Thursday's gut-wrencher, it was highly satisfying to see us return to the mean and execute offensively as we've grown to expect.

Alas, no waffles, but any game where we get to see Raffi Chalian is a good one.

Rejoice, Cal fans. A more in-depth recap will fire up tomorrow, but in the meantime, revel and get ready to make Washington Bear Territory!

Go Bears!