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Darron Thomas Turning Pro

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I sure wasn't expecting Matt Barkley to stay and Darron Thomas to go.

"I came to this decision on behalf of myself and my family," Thomas said. "I have a dream of playing in the NFL and I’m going to pursue those dreams.

"I would like to thank everyone in Oregon for all their support and I would thank the coaches for all their help, especially Coach (Chip) Kelly." Thomas added. "I love my teammates and wish them the best of luck, and am confident they will continue the winning tradition that has been established. Last but not least, I thank all the Oregon fans for their help and support."

Darron Thomas leaving means Oregon will be replacing their starting running back and starting quarerback. While Oregon will probably have a solid replacement in Bryan Bennett in place and a decent runner in Kenjon Barner taking over the workload, the Ducks might have some adjusting to do getting them up to speed in one of the most demanding college offenses. You never know how a system team like the Ducks will change with new personnel, although they are still the prohibitive favorites to win the North.

Still, it opens the door just a bit for Cal to have a chance at the North. Furd is losing some of their All-Stars on offense. Washington will have a new defensive staff coming into place. Oregon St. and Washington St. are adjusting, but still are a step behind talent-wise. The Bears might be able to make some noise in the division.

What do you guys think?