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Cal 57, Colorado 50: Hideous Postgame Thread

Colorado came to visit in a game that matched up two teams atop the conference, and the Bears and Buffs went on to play a game that did little to show off the Pac-12. If you're the cynical type that thinks this is a one bid league, nothing that happened tonight would sway your opinion.

Cal shot just 35% from the field, made only 2 threes, shot 66% from the line and generally did little on offense to win the game. But Colorado passed up on a golden opportunity by matching Cal's futility, shooting just 32% to go along with 17 turnovers, including a final bad pass that essentially sealed the game.

Jorge Gutierrez shot 2-17. Two For Seventeen. And Cal won. he even threw in 3 missed free throws for funsies. Maybe this is a charmed season, because it's hard to imagine Cal winning when their best player has a game as nightmarish as that one.

Cal survived. In a game that looked like a USC intra-squad scrimmage, they survived. They are in first place in the conference, and presumed bottom-dweller Utah is next up. There's lots to be happy about, despite everything you just witnessed.

This is your post-game thread. Longer recap coming tomorrow morning. Go Bears!