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Cal Women's Basketball At Colorado: Preview & Gamethread

When: 6:00 PT
Video Stream: Buffs TV ($$)
Audio Stream: Cal All-Access (Free)

It’s attack of the siblings night here at CGB, where three sets of siblings will try to defeat the Golden Bears. It all starts at 6:00 with sisters Brittany and Ashley Wilson and Brenna and Meagan Malcolm-Peck. But it’s also a double feature as sister Arielle Roberson plays for the women Buffaloes while brother Andre is in Berkeley warming up for the men’s team.

While the various family ties make for a good story line, the most talented Buffs are guards Chucky Jeffrey and Lexi Kresl. Jeffrey in particular is the player that Cal needs to slow down. She’s one of the best shooters in the conference, averages 17 points/game and leads Colorado in rebounds, assists, blocks and steals. That’s quite a bit of versatility.

You will probably recall that Cal fell to Colorado in Boulder to end the season last year in the WNIT. Jeffrey didn’t do a ton in that game, but that’s because departed post Brittany Spears did everything, scoring 33 points and dominating from the opening tip. It was a fitting end to a painful season, and hopefully the Bears will be out to redeem themselves tonight.

Colorado is the tougher of the two teams in this road trip, so a win tonight would go a long ways towards making everybody else feel good. I don't want to have to write 1,000 words trying to figure out why Cal can't win road games. GO BEARS!