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Holiday Bowl Photo Essay: Part One

I have seen, first-person, things that many Cal fans shuddered to watch in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Many Cal fans descended upon San Diego in hopes of seeing the Bears exact revenge on a Texas team who took the Bears' place in the 2005 Rose Bowl. What we encountered was an unspeakable terror, the likes of which had not been seen since...well, October 29th, 2011. The recency of a similar incident did not dampen the intensity of the dread and misery that accompanied this ill-fated voyage. With cold, hardened hearts---the product of decades upon decades of substandard football---we lived through another painful loss. This, my friends, is the story of the 2011 Holiday Bowl.


Join us as we take a dark journey down memory lane to relive last Wednesday's loss. The horror. THE HORROR!

It started off well enough. Players on both sides were clearly excited during warmups.

By the time I arrived, the specialists had taken a seat to allow the offense and defenses warm up.


Sitting by the coolers was our honorary team captain. Photobucket

Cattouse heads over to join the defensePhotobucket

Adrian Lee lines up opposite Jackson Bouza as the second team unit prepares to run a pass play.Photobucket

Quandre Diggs gets in position as the Texas offense sets up a play (David Ash to Jordan Shipley)Photobucket



Aftre a break, Keenan Allen heads over to midfield for more warmups.Photobucket

The offense huddles up before running a play.Photobucket

The defense gets set as the offense remains huddled.Photobucket

Under center, Zach Maynard surveys the defense.Photobucket

It's a handoff!Photobucket

Sofele takes the handoff and cruises into the endzone.Photobucket

Freshman WR Stephen Anderson (redshirting this year) watches as the defense gets set.Photobucket

Out of the shotgun, Allan Bridgford prepares to run a play for the second team offense.Photobucket

He delivers a quick pass to Coleman Edmond.Photobucket

While the Bears were running drills, Texas held a little fashion show. Mr. Bare Midriff won "best dressed."Photobucket

The whole team huddles up before heading into the locker room for a final pregame trip to the locker room.Photobucket


With the team in the locker room, the Cal band comes out to entertain us all.Photobucket

Several redshirting players stayed on the field while the band moved into position. Placekicker Alex Calder, O-lineman Jordan Rigsbee, and QB Kyle Boehm wait for the festivities to begin. Photobucket

WR Maurice Harris talks to RB Daniel Lasco while LB Jalen Jefferson and DL Brennan Scarlett look around. Photobucket

Drum major catches the baton! Surely we will win the game!Photobucket



The Texas band prepared to do its thing as this individual did a bizarre heel-stepping routine.Photobucket


Looks crowded down there...Photobucket

After the bands did their thing, it started raining men (hallelujah!). Several Navy SEALs parachuted into the stadium.Photobucket Photobucket

Note that they all had blue and gold parachutesPhotobucket



Trying to get a good picture of these guys as they land in the stadium is extraordinarily difficultPhotobucket

Several Marines prepare to unfold a field-size flag, one of the more interesting Holiday Bowl traditionsPhotobucket

The Bears came back onto the field and many went to the East end zone for a prayer.Photobucket

Brian Schwenke (57) was fired up and trying to infect everyone else with his enthusiasim.Photobucket



Maynard was one of the last to reach the end zone.Photobucket

Zach seemed very focused. Not even an amped-up C.J. Anderson could get his attention.Photobucket

Tim Tebow, is that you?Photobucket

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Exhibit A: the comically oversized Longhorn flag.Photobucket

An unusual, helmet cam-wearing fellow stares down the Cal captains.Photobucket

As the captains reach midfield, Mr. Helmet Cam has begun looking at the Texas captains.Photobucket

The Bears win the toss!Photobucket

Sofele keeps those legs churning.Photobucket

While Giorgio prepares to kick a field goal, Ron Gould speaks to Isi Sofele, Covaughn Deboski-Johnson, and Nico DumontPhotobucket

Giorgio gets setPhotobucket

and hits a 47-yard field goal to give the Bears a 3-0 lead!Photobucket

Early on things look good. Cal scored a field goal on the first possession and players are amped up. As we will see in part two, things begin to go downhill...