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BREAKING NEWS: Forth Worth Star Telegram reporting that SEC will extend invitation to Texas A & M

Update: Per Chip Brown (aka Texas party line):

Hearing the SEC vote to admit Texas A&M was 10-2 and that West Virginia is squarely on the SEC radar as a potential 14th member.

Update2: And:

The Southeastern Conference presidents met Tuesday night and voted to admit Texas A&M. But the vote came with a stipulation that still must be worked out.

The SEC presidents voted to admit Texas A&M as the 13th member of that league so long as each individual member of the Big 12 waives its right to litigation against the SEC.

Via the Star-Telegram:

An official announcement of Texas A&M's move to the Southeastern Conference is expected today in College Station. School officials spent Tuesday preparing for a news conference at Kyle Field to celebrate the move, pending a favorable vote from SEC presidents to extend an invitation. The SEC presidents met Tuesday night and approved an invitation to A&M, said sources with knowledge of the situation, but the SEC made no formal announcement. A&M officials have indicated they would accept an SEC invitation. The move would be effective for the 2012 football season.

Despite me telling Texas A & M that this is a bad move, they are still moving ahead. Will no major collegiate institution listen to me anymore??? Will we end up with the Pac-16? What is most likely is that Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Texas Tech will join up with the Pac-12. That is really going to upset Colorado fans who thought they had years of coastal road trips ahead of them.

Will Cal ever make the Rose Bowl? Ever? If the Pac-16 comes into existence, Cal would have to fight past the Pac-8 and then beat potentially Texas or Oklahoma to make it to the Rose Bowl. Is there no justice? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! GO BEARS!