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Cal Athletics Calendar and CGB Weekly Guide for Week Of 9.4.11

We're into the 2011 season!  I think I speak for Ric Flair, when I say WHOOOOOO!  Big win over Fresno State to start the year.  Definitely a few things to be concerned about, not a perfect performance, but a lot of positives to take away.  But we also have some other awesomeness going on.  Volleyball is currently perfect on the season!  Cal Men's Water Polo dominated Santa Clara 21-3!  Tough to be that awesomeness!

So, after the jump, check out the full Cal Athletics schedule for the week.  And, the CGB schedule for the week.  Of course, all posts are subject to change.  Just how we roll!  GO BEARS!

Cal Athletics Calendar viewable here.  


Friday, September 9
 Volleyball v. UT Arlington
WhenFri, September 9, 1pm – 4pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
 Men's Soccer vs. Lehigh
WhenFri, September 9, 4pm – 6pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
 Women's Soccer at Long Beach State
WhenFri, September 9, 4:30pm – 7:30pm
WhereLong Beach, CA (map)
 Field Hockey v. Northeastern
WhenFri, September 9, 6pm – 9pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
 Volleyball v. Nevada
WhenFri, September 9, 7pm – 10pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
Saturday, September 10
 Cross Country - Sacramento State Jamboree
WhenSat, September 10, 9:30am – 3:30pm
WhereSacramento, CA. (map)
 Volleyball v. Sacramento State
WhenSat, September 10, 1pm – 4pm
WhereBerkeley, Ca (map)
 Football @ Colorado
WhenSat, September 10, 1:30pm – 4:30pm
WhereBoulder, CO (map)
 Volleyball v. Georgetown
WhenSat, September 10, 7pm – 10pm
WhereBerkeley, Ca (map)
Sunday, September 11
 Men's Tennis - USTA Campus Showdown
WhenSun, September 11, 10am – 6pm
WhereBerkeley, CA (map)
 Field Hockey v. Indiana
WhenSun, September 11, 12pm – 3pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
 Men's Soccer vs. Kentucky
WhenSun, September 11, 2pm – 4pm
WhereBerkeley (map)




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