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Golden Nuggets: Checking In with Cal and Oregon on Their Bye Weeks

Usually on Tuesdays we check in with our upcoming opponent, but Oregon has a bye week this week.  So what are the Quackers up to on their bye week?  Since classes started Monday, they will devote more time to academics than practice this week.

The schedule doesn’t include a game this week for the Ducks (3-1, 1-0 Pac-12), but classes begin at the university today, and an "improvement week" of practices Tuesday and Thursday are also on the schedule, UO coach Chip Kelly said Sunday.

It will be back to basics, with an emphasis on fundamentals.

"We go back to ball security, we go back to finishing blocks, we go back to tackling, we go back to one-on-one coverage," Kelly said.

The Ducks will be off today, Wednesday and Friday. Regular practices resume Saturday, the start of the next formal game week given the presence of a Thursday night game on Oct. 6 against California in Autzen Stadium.

The Bears, meanwhile, will use the bye week to devote more time to preparing for the Ducks.

Game planning for the Ducks won’t being until Wednesday. Coach Jeff Tedford said Tuesday will be a generic practice where the team focuses on fundamentals. But Wednesday, Cal will start installing the game plan for Oregon. The Bears will have Friday and Saturday off, but counting next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, Cal will devote five practices to prepping for the opponent instead of the usual three. That could come in handy preparing for the Ducks’ explosive offense, especially since Cal has a lot to correct defensively and could probably use the extra work.

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