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Washington 31, Cal 23: Post Game Open Thread

Another Cal vs. Washington game is the history books.  It came down to the last drive, but Cal could not get it done with four chances inside the five yard line.  What are your reactions to what you saw today?  Talk about them here.  This is your post game open thread.  

I know there's plenty to gripe about in today's performance.  Pass defense (none of us liked it).  Pass rush (many of us didn't like it).  Play calling (some of you didn't like it).  Play calling on the last four plays (a lot of you probably didn't like it).  Quarterback play in the 4th quarter (some of you didn't seem to like it).  Special teams (maybe one of two of you liked it).  But please be respectful of your fellow commenters.  Don't make the Hit Squad work too hard.  

If you want to talk about the non-Cal evening football action, go here!

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