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Cal-Washington Score Predictions

It looks like this weekend's game will be a close one.  It's tough not to feel a sense of DOOOOM heading up to Husky Stadium to try to shut down a prolific UW offense.  Let's browse this week's score predictions.

California 28, Washington 24: The Huskies defense is struggling and this is the best offensive line it will have faced. Cal QB Zach Maynard making his first start in a tough road venue is a concern, but not as much as Huskies QB Keith Price running around on a pair of sprained knees. And, Cal, I'm warning you ... don't make me wrong (again). You wouldn't like me when I'm wrong.

After the jump the Bears use last year's season-ending loss as extra motivation for this weekend's game and Blue Ribbon Yearbook previews the 2011-12 basketball season and ranks the Bears no. 21.