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Cal-Presbyterian Report Card

Great scores this week! Is that a surprise, though? Probably not.

We had a relatively small turnout this week with only 46 report cards, as many Cal fans did not see the game. Those who paid the $7.95 (or used the super secret code to watch it for free) enjoyed a surprisingly high-quality stream. In fact, I enjoyed it more than a typical broadcast because every play was immediately shown as a replay, often from a different angle. This made it much easier to analyze what went right (or wrong) on each play. Did this improve the validity of our report cards? Perhaps. In any case, I've gone on long enough. Let us move on to the scores and your comments! Join us after the jump for a joyous trip down memory lane as we reflect on the whuppin' the Bears delivered to Presbyterian.

Average Score
Standard Deviation

Pass Offense

Rush Offense
Pass Defense
Rush Defense
Special Teams
Win likelihood vs Washington
.575 (+3.4%)

Solid scores across the board, except the usual special teams. Does anyone miss Alamar yet? Thankfully, things are not to Alamar-levels of madness yet, but special teams may cost us another game this season.

The rest of the scores seem pretty reasonable and just as I expected. Our chances of defeating Washington even went up. UW's defense, which ranks in the bottom 15% in several major categories, certainly improves our confidence. Now if only we can figure out a way to stop Keith "Jake Who?" Price.

Now let's hand out some awards! We'll start off with a few Editor's Choice awards

Editor's Choice Awards:

Keenan's Feelin' Lonely Award:

This goes to BeastMode, whose response in every field was "JEFF TEDFORD." Watch out, or someone else will take over as president of the Keenan Allen Fan Club.

Next up are the Sunshine Pumpers and the Old Blues. This week's Sunshine Pumpers dream of Brendan Bigelow's touchdowns, Sean Cattouse's interceptions, and the best defensive performance of the year. Old Blues however see nothing but hands-to-the-face penalties, squib kicks, and blocked punts. Kodiak is the first person all year to give 1s across the board.

Tedford's Sunshine Pumpers
Net Score, Percentage
1. Kodiak
7.00, 100%
2. JABear
6.55, 93.57%
3. minesweeper
6.50, 92.86%
4. Wyfind
6.30, 90.00%
5. UncleSam22
6.00, 85.71%
Old Blues Net Score, Percentage
1. JerrottWillard45
3.90, 55.71%
2. rocksanddirt 4.00, 57.14%
3. npyoung
4.20, 60.00%
4. HydroTech
4.30, 61.43%

5. calfanz

4.30, 61.43%

The Voice of Reason Total Deviation
1. tburke74
2. rurata
3. GBB4188
4. prd74 .050
5. BareBabe


Finally we have The Voice of Reason for those whose scores most accurately reflect the group scores.

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! tburke74 has the lowest deviation we have ever seen! I checked through the numbers from last year and no one has ever been in the .020-.029 range. Nice work! The rest of you had pretty good scores too--each score was better than any of the top-5 from last week.

Now let's see how you all felt about the game in words. The most creative use of "Blue Hose" as an insult receives bonus points.

Gameday Experience

beastmode: JEFF TEDFORD

JABear: AT&T from BART is a longer walk than advertised. Mic man's microphone ran out of batteries early in the 2nd quarter. Card stunt sucked. Cal Band was good. Oh and we scored, a lot.

rocksanddirt: I listened to the first quarter and change whilst cleaning the garage out. I'm glad lots of guys got to play. They all work so hard, i'm happy when they get in the game and even score (like C D-J).

prd74: What gameday experience? Sure I had nice seats and that Club Level is the opposite in comfort to Memorial, but this was more like attending a fan appreciation day scrimmage than a real college football game. I do not remember hearing once the GO! BEARS! cheer. Very little organized cheering. Also thought that with the lack of in stadium commercials that the Cal Band would play more. Kudos to Bob Calonico for wearing his formal Cal Band Director's uniform and not wearing that Sport Coat, Khaki pants "Art Bartner designer collection" thing. Big's TD was big.

hardtobeacalfan: joe starkey should consider retiring soon

Willis Chong: Got to the stadium and wasn't surprised how empty it was. Found it kind of hard to follow the students in the cheers. How come we didn't do a cross stadium "Go! Bears!"? At least we had a cool old guy in my section who acted like an extremely competent mic guy for the upper deck. They ought to get him to inspire the somewhat uncreative cheers from the student section.

Also felt like my distracting sounds were not making it down the field. This is mostly because I got season tickets on the upper deck.

FiatSlug: Getting to AT&T Park via BART and Muni was a piece of cake. Transfers were quick and easy. Clipper card worked flawlessly. Especially glad that Muni stopped in front of AT&T Park because the wife's knees couldn't take a lengthy walk.

Wyfind: I was quite disappointed with the turn out. I know it's Presbyterian but come on, it's Cal football! It was actually a beautiful day in San Francisco too!! Also, who is up to help me teach the freshman to STAND UP during the gosh darn game?

SpazzyMcGee: Hydrotech really needs to stop stalking me and my friends! It's getting weird. I figured I would finally have a respite from his constant drunken bellowing of game strategy now that I've moved to sec 332, but nooooo he manages to get tickets there too! "LETS NOT RUSH TO JUDGE TEDFORD... WHO KNOWS WHAT'S GOING ON IN THAT HUDDLE!?!!? I WON'T SPECULATE!!!" all game long!!

I got so fed up at halftime me and my gf snuck into the bleachers right at the 50 yard line about ten rows up thanks to a friend of ours with two groupon tickets.

Oaklandish Bear: Still in Switzerland so missed the home opener for the first time since I can't remember. Signed-up to watch the stream on All-Access, and HATED the ads that flashed before and after every replay. Really? We're already paying for this and we have to get spammed all game? That sucks.

Ended up falling asleep in the 4th Qtr.

fuzzywuzzy: Best venue in the Bay outside of Memorial, very happy we're playing there, especially after spending a day at the 'Stick.

Met my new, young, bubbly-hot aisle-mates for the season. Christ, it can be irritating to be over 40...hopefully the weather will be less cleavage-friendly against Utah. The Candy-cane vendor has got to be on Megan's list. What a perv.


First game in San Francisco, and on the most beautiful day of the year thus far! Crowd was more about enjoying the sun rather than getting into the game. I was sitting in the Young Alum section (by the left field foul poll) and could not hear the Cal Band at all. They need to get some speakers and pump some of that glorious cal band noise into the left field section, that would definitely increase the energy level of the crowd.

How about the Cal men's water polo team? They had a scrimmage before the game in McCovey cove! What is the water temperature? 60 degrees? Those guys are something else..

The fake cannon noise after the first touchdown was a travesty. I'm glad they switched over to a fog horn for the later scores. Why can't we bring the cannon on field? That would be AWESOME!

sec119: AT&T Park is nice. The bathrooms are clean, the concessionaires are friendly, the seats are comfortable. Also, I loved how the BART was packed with students on the way to the game. It was all really festive, though I imagine commuters for Thursday 6pm games won't appreciate it as much.


So excited for the remaining 4 games of the season, AT&T is a blast for gamedays! Tailgated a bit at my sister's house in lower pac heights area, then made our way over to AT&T, as we got there a little late we went right in at 1:45ish. The crowd was definitely a little light as expected, but still made good noise and the field looked great from the second deck sideline and its fun to be able to see the players on the sideline interact throughout the game (I have only sat in alumni section in memorial, save for a few games). The student section was great and I think they are excited to be partying in SF for the games. We ended up sitting 4 rows in front of Mrs. Tedford, which was pretty fun to see her take in the game (esp with the landmark win). Cool to see a solid block of PC fans in the stadium as well. Even though would likely be a bit more convenient, I am so happy that they ended up at AT&T. San Francisco is now officially Bear Territory and I couldn't be happier about it for this season!


This was my first game of the season, and I have to agree with Tedford that the atmosphere at AT&T Park felt "weird" for this one. I went to the Emerald Bowl in 2008 and that felt pretty normal, so I'm not sure why this game felt so awkward.

Maybe it was all the empty seats, or the dirt infield, or the malfunctioning-microphones, or the barely-painted lines on the field, but the atmosphere just felt "dead" to start the game. Things picked up after Cal scored a couple of touchdowns, but much of the game still felt like a glorified scrimmage.

And while I miss the victory cannon, the home run foghorn is a noble substitute this season.

Swamphunter: Our seats at AT&T are nice, Sect 319. No alcohol was a major downer though. Dumb NCAA rules.

JerrotWillard45: Gorgeous day. Nice to watch sailboats during down time. Pretty happy with my view level seats. Disappointed at the pitiful turnout, and we made almost no noise. Vast improvement over Candlestick. Students and band seemed relevant again! Band was AWESOME at half time. Venue is nice, though a bit of a long walk from BART. Didn't like looking down at a baseball diamond. They waste most of their jumbotron on fixed, unmoving ads...nice screen, didn't do much with it. Can we pray for a good jumbotron at Memorial II?

Pass Offense

rurata: Maynard comes through with a pick again. Just one game without an INT would make me so happy. Another game with drops on catchable sad. Maynard's completion rate went up this game, which is a plus. But there were a lot of screens and short passes, which probably helped. Although, if it were Riley, probably half of those would have been overthrown, so it feels like an improvement. Bridgford was shaky in his first playing time, and the inexperience showed. However, his ball looked crisper than Maynard's typical throws, and he had a good pocket presence. There's definitely a dropoff between Maynard and Bridgford, but I think we have a good backup QB.

prd74: Maynard makes plays and is clutch, but he sure likes throwing to receivers who are double covered. What is with the dropped passes by the TEs this year? Bridgford reminded me of Steve Bartkowski. He is big and throws a beautiful ball. We are lucky to have two QBs who look like they belong on the field.

Willis Chong: Good news! Maynard had 60% completions today.

Bad news! He did it against an FCS team. And he threw another customary pick... doh! Also, our receivers had a lot of dropsies. I fear for when we go against a competent secondary unit. Speaking of which, doesn't our next 4 games feature teams that have that?I like the cheer we all did when Quinn Tedford caught that pass from Mansion. It warmed my heart.

Wyfind: I don't recall specifics but I do remember there were a few dropped passes and "hot potato" action in the game today. What is up with that?!

Oaklandish Bear: Impressive stats, but considering the opponent a lot of work still to do. The misses, drops, and picks appear to be a recurring theme and don't bode well for the future.

superguy: Seeing more folks get wide open made the forced throws to Keenan more obvious. Also, I think Tedford needs to make it clear that throwing a pick in the first half is noncompulsory.

sec119: Can't argue with the results. Minus the INT and a couple of dropped balls, everything worked as it should. Bridgford's arm looks legit, and I think he'll be one to watch for the future.

Did anyone else wonder if ZM was aiming for Keenan Allen for Marv Jones' long TD catch and run?

Run Offense

prd74: Less Isi, more anyone else. The problem with OL penalties has yet to be fixed. When was the last time we had offensive facemask penalties in two games in a row?

Willis Chong: I am still convinced that Isi is not an every down back. He got over 100 yards today, but he looked like he couldn't bust through unless on an end-around or a huge hold. He did break tackles today, so I suppose it evens out. CJA and CDJ

Also, I will be look for #5 in games now. Bigelow looks good now but let's see how he does against a Pac-12 defense.

Fiat Slug: Sofele simply does not hit the hole fast enough. He should have been able to simply gash Presbyterian for big yards; he failed to take advantage.

Even though CJ Anderson and Bigelow had limited touches, they looked like they were better runners. When PC clogged the middle, the run failed to bounce to the outside. Why? PC didn't have the speed to pursue.

sec119: Can't argue with the results. The holes weren't quite as wide as one would hope, but I think Sofele did a good job of finding them when they existed. And CJA is showing that he is a great complement. Of course, he was occasionally stymied by poor blocking as well -- hopefully this lays to rest any suggestion that he is some sort of miracle worker who can plow through anything at all times.

CruzinBears: When you make it 6 people down the depth chart, what is there to say? OL seemed a little better but there is still room for improvement there. Anderson looks really good and Bigelow seemed really fast. Here's hoping they both put it together sooner rather than later.

JerrotWillard45: I am such an underdog, root for the little guy kind of guy, it's hard for me to say this, but I don't think Isi should be starting. He is not showing great speed, tackle breaking ability or 'intangibles'. Against a weak opponent. Our O-line also performed uninspiringly on running plays. CJA and BB (and D-Bo?) need to be in more. Or Isi needs to speed way up.

Pass Defense

OaklandishBear: Hard to find any fault, only giving up 6 completions and picking 2. Impossible to tell of the Colorado game was a fluke, or not, though.

BowlesHall: Good. They had what, 40 yards total?

Oskiciso: When their receivers did get open they couldn't hold onto the ball. They should have had at least three more first downs. Overall, dominating performance.

superguy: I think Cattouse just caught another pass.

CruzinBears: Hard to tell with level of competition, but it was good to see the back-ups hold their own on the field. Moala is a beast, and he looks to be getting slimmer (hopefully a lot stronger too) than he was in the photos from the summer. We learn a lot more about their bounce back resiliency next week through, as UW can put up some points through the air.

JerrotWillard45: Stats are awesome, but they overthrew or dropped multiple wide open plays - I've seen a bunch of over the middle weakness this year, and I'm terrified of the future. Did you see Luck vs. Foles last weekend? They may carve us up. And we really should have had more sacks against these guys, sorry. We're weaker than I thought.

Run Defense

Willis Chong: It looked okay for the most part, but it looked like an FCS line was pushing around our D-line. I wonder if it's time to put the most talented crew on the field, not the most experienced...

PerpetualCalBear: Only 20 yards net rushing for Presby, but not sure we learned much about run D today. It was fun watching Moala clog the middle - can't WAIT to watch him develop further. Jalil seemed to be in there a lot and I thought he acquitted himself well. As much as I like our DL rotation, it's becoming even more obvious how much Cam Jordan and D. Hill anchored us last year. Adjusting to their absence is really tough.

FiatSlug: Stifling. Out of 21 plays, only two went as long as 6 and 8 yards. Otherwise, lots of plays for short yardage.

goldblooded: did they get any yards on the ground? More like pants on the ground

superguy: The Bears made the term "run" an overly generous descriptor for the Hose ground game.

Special Teams

texashaterforlife: And I thought ALAMAR was bad.

WillisChong: WTF is up with our protection schemes? Every XP had an unblocked defender who seemed to get really close to blocking our XPs.

Giorgio sure misses Boulder. The only touchback was a pooched kick that Presby somehow completely missed. One KO went to the 5. Everything else was between the 20 and the 40. If that's the best he can do, we are totally screwed. Worst of all, we no longer have ALAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR to blame.Our coverage unit was okay except for a couple of returns. When you score 9 TDs, your coverage unit tends to get pretty tired.

Our opponents are now averaging one block per game against us. This is definitely not a good sign. Genyk need to re-evaulate what he's doing. Either he's doing something so new that I'm not getting, or he's just not doing special teams right.

Spazzy McGee: Like.....FUCK.

goldblooded: our special teams are more "special" than ralph wiggum

fiatlux: 9 for 9 on extra points!

While I would love to see our special teams get better, in watching a lot of college football yesterday, special teams sucks all over the place. That doesn't excuse our special teams play, but it does put it in perspective.

Swamphunter: I would grade lower if those squibs weren't designed, but they were, so that's fine I guess. The blocked punt really sucked though. Can't have that.

JerrotWillard45: Let's start with the positives: 8 XP's, despite some pressure. They still need to be higher and faster, but Giorgio got them all, and that counts. Positives end there. Kickoffs were just pitiful. It was not notably windy. Please work on deep kickoffs, for the love of god. Coverage was blown more than once. And the blocked punt? Unforgivable against this team.


JABear: Congrats to Jeff Tedford!

prd74: At least one coach on Tedford's staff needs to be sat down and talked to.

Kodiak: Thank you, Coach Tedford. Congratulations on setting the mark for all-time wins. Please keep going.

Willis Chong: Congratulations to Tedford on getting that record. Please coach to win in Seattle next week.


FiatSlug: Defense looked like it regained its equilibrium after a rough outing in Boulder. Kudos to Coach P for getting the guys to play concentrated defense and pitching a shutout.

Offense and special teams looked sloppy at times. Not enough concentration on the task at hand.

Longhorns, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!: Does anyone else think that those timeouts before halftime was a Pete Carroll move? And I mean that in a negative way.

Oskiciso: I came to Cal in 2003 and I have only known Tedford. I thank god that I have only seen Tedford as the coach at Cal. Despite what some people say out there, Tedford has brought respect, stability, and VICTORIES to Cal. Thanks for a great ten years coach, here's to the next ten!

beson: Congrats to Coach Tedford for his 75th win. In Tedford we trust.

UncleSam22: Tedford is #1. I'm glad he's our coach and I think he represents Cal well. The team looked real sloppy, but he seemed plenty upset about that, so here's hoping he runs them good in practice this week and they come out focused against UDub.

CruzinBears: A big congratulations to Mr. Jeff Tedford on the monumental win!

A perfect fit for Berkeley, it is refreshing to see a coach so dedicated to the program both on and off the field. A true Golden Bear, thank you for the years of service and hopefully we'll continue to trend up this season and beyond and sustain the momentum for many years to come in the new home you helped bring to the Bears.

JerrotWillard45: Well, we still came in sloppy against a team we should have scored 100 on. But I sure like the use of the entire bench! Not sure about the ongoing lack of zone read, but the play calling seemed reasonably varied. We still ALWAYS run to the strong side or the motion side every time. Predictability kills.

Overall Performance

beastmode: I love KEENAN ALLEN, but this game was all about Jeff Tedford. We all have our complaints, but I for one am so grateful for Tedford's efforts in making Cal football elegant. Thank you Coach Tedford.

cjwethers: gonna go with the crowd here:


rocksanddirt: W is the only stat that matters.

prd74: Thanks to PC for coming out, but this had the feel of a 2011 Oakland A's game.


Willis Chong: Back to fundamentals in this game. We needed to work on our getting our timings down and integrating Bigelow into the team. I think we succeeded except for one thing: the O-line.

Our O-line needs a lot more discipline. A couple of personal fouls are going to kill us in our next few games. These penalties are being made by veterans, which scares me a little.

PerpetualCalBear: After feeling pretty good about this team after the Fresno State game, I have felt incrementally less optimistic after each of the CU and Presby games. But hey, we're 3-0, baby!

Sorry to state the obvious (and use a cliche), but UW game is just incredibly HUGE for us; I see it as a very likely tipping point game for the entire season in one direction or another.

Oaklandishbear: We're not that great. Too many penalties and miscues on offense. Special teams are special. I'm not that optimistic for the future. At least we won these three, so now if we can take care of business against OSU, WSU, fUCLA, plus steal one from UW/Utah/ASU we can go bowling...

BowlesHall: Shameful that we scheduled these patsies. We won't have eight home games with four Div. II teams anytime soon, but this was taking a leaf from the SEC book.

fuzzywuzzy: Happy 75th! It's great to watch us score all those TD's at least once a season. Congratulations Jeff.

Oskiciso: BIGELOW!

The Cal fans need to amp up the energy for next game. Just pump some Cal Band noise into the speakers! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh, and We Want Kate!

CalBear91: We won. Defense dominant, but hard to gauge. Offense fine, but hard to gauge. Special Teams getting blocked by PC!?!?!? OMG we suck on special teams.

sec119: Mostly a solid performance, especially for just one half's worth of starters. For all the hand-wringing I see in the comments, I can't imagine what the response would be if we'd won by a smaller margin!

CruzinBears: Love this coaching staff. In Tosh, Gould and Blaz we trust! Great recruiting is showing itself early and although I am excited about this season, I can't wait for 2012!!!!

JerrottWillard45: Only Cal fans can be deeply unhappy going into halftime up 35-6. But that's because we know that this performance against any of the teams it would really mean a lot to us to beat will get us a blow-out like we saw twice last year. Those are very hard to take. But by the end of the game, I was jovial, enjoying seeing the 8th running back score, and seeing Quinn Tedford catch a pass. A nice day, and a win, and we're 3-0. One week at a time, I guess.

Thanks again for your responses! Drop by Saturday evening to fill out a report card for the Cal-UW game!