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CGB Top 25 - Week 4

Oklahoma goes on the road and defeats a very good Florida State team, rising to No. 2 in our weekly ballot.  But they don't unseat LSU, which still has arguably the best win (vs. Oregon) plus a very good win vs. Mississippi State.  Elsewhere, Clemson leaps into the Top 15 after ending Auburn's 17 game win streak, while Arkansas plunges 8 spots -- 3-0 vs. Missouri State, New Mexico and Troy impresses none of us.  For the full BlogPoll, check out Andy Hutchins' post over at SBNation.  Thoughts and justifications after the jump:

Berkelium97:  LSU has a better body of work than Oklahoma, so they earn the top spot this week.  I’m still skeptical that Florida State is a top-15 team.

Norcalnick:  LSU seems to be a pretty easy choice for the top spot in the poll by virtue of two quality wins, one of which was on the road, both of which were not especially close.  I'd be willing to listen to other arguments and other teams will have the chance to surpass them but they're on top for now.

Stanford beat Arizona more decisively than Okie St., and on the road to boot.  As much as it pains me to do so, they have to move ahead of the Cowboys on my ballot.  Damn it.

ragnarok:  Reluctantly, I agree.  Their overall SOS is pretty terrible (even Ucla managed to defeat San Jose State, and Duke is, well, Duke) but they've handled the competition well, and if you're comparing performances vs. their common opponent, there's little choice for the ethical voter.

Berkelium97:  I am thoroughly impressed with Wisconsin (#3 in my ballot).  Their offense has been unstoppable so far, but their defense was very impressive this weekend in holding an excellent Northern Illinois offense to 7 points.

Norcalnick:  I tried not to punish Florida St. too much for losing a tough game, but they were at home and everybody ahead of them has a pretty solid win on their resume.

ragnarok:  I feel the same way.  They're in much the same boat as Oregon at this point, with a quality loss but not much else.  But this early in the season, that's enough to stay ranked.

Berkelium97:  Filling spots after 15th was tough, and even worse in the 20s.  Who am I supposed to use to fill out 20-25? Cal? Texas? Miami? Houston? Those teams all have glaring weaknesses and do not deserve spots in the top-25.

Norcalnick:  Virginia Tech and Arkansas plumetted this week because they still haven't played anybody (best wins: East Carolina by 7 & Troy by 10 respectively) and they are hanging on to a place in my poll by a thread.

Berkelium97:  Utah squeezed back into the top-25 because they absolutely annihilated a solid BYU team.  If they play like that the rest of the way, they’ll finish the Pac-12 with an 8-1 record.

Norcalnick:  Utah waxing BYU helps USC and hurts Texas, who won't be getting a bump from their destruction of a team that appears to have given up on their season in week 3.