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Golden Nuggets: Washington Quarterback Keith Price Will Play Against Cal Despite Two Sprained Knees

This Saturday's matchup was originally billed as one between two talented, young quarterbacks who can make plays through the air and with their feet.  Washington's starting quarterback Keith Price, finally recovering from a right knee sprain sustained several weeks ago, sprained his left knee this past weekend against Nebraska.  He does not plan on letting two sprained knees slow him down, however.

Price said his right knee is about 90 percent healthy and should be 100 percent by the end of the week. But his left knee is just "40 to 50 percent," he said.

Price practiced Monday wearing a heavy plastic brace on his left knee, while he had his right knee taped up. He moved gingerly on the left knee. Simple handoffs and dropbacks were somewhat of a chore.

"I’ll be fine," Price said.

Still, the injuries have taken a dimension away from Price. He’s been able to elude the pass rush, but the knee injuries haven’t allowed him to get out and run and make teams pay.

"It’s taken a lot away," he said. "I can’t lie. I haven’t been able to run."

And running is a big weapon in his quarterback arsenal.

"I never imagined playing without my legs," he said. "That used to be a big part of my game. But I will be all right."

After the jump the Huskies open as three-point favorites over the Bears, Brendan Bigelow joins several other Cal players who earned Pac-12 Player of the Week honors.