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Cal Athletics Calendar And CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 9.18.2011

Things are heating up this week.  The football team travels up to Seattle to take on a solid UW team.  Maynard already passed the composure test in a rocking Folsom Field, so hopefully he does well in the always-rowdy Husky Stadium.

Our top-ranked volleyball team has a tough test this week on the road against USC and then UCLA.  #11 field hockey is on a roll and they host Stanford on Saturday.  Several events are on campus this weekend, so if you're in the area and have some free time, go support our student-athletes.

Things are a little easier for us at CGB this week, since we do not have to research a team most of us have never seen before.  We'll wrap up coverage up the Presbyterian game before moving on to preview the Cal-Washington matchup.  For more on Washington, keep an eye on UWDawgPound.  We will be collaborating with them for a Q+A later this week.  It's been a long time since the Bears have won in Husky Stadium.  In fact, the last win was thanks to an excellent performance from then-heralded QB Joe Ayoob.  It's going to be a tough, nerve-wracking week, but is that really so different from an ordinary week as a Cal fan? Go Bears!

Monday, September 19
 Field Hockey @ Kent State
Wednesday, September 21
 Men's Tennis v. US National Team
Friday, September 23
 Women's Golf - Mason Rudolph Championship
 Men's Tennis - Land Rover Napa Valley Tennis Classic
 Women's Swimming - Cal Poly Pentathlon
 Women's Soccer v. Arizona State
 Men's Soccer vs. Vermont
 Field Hockey v. Stanford
 Volleyball @ USC
Saturday, September 24
 Women's Golf - Mason Rudolph Championship
 Cross Country - Roy Griak Invitational
 Women's Swimming - Cal Poly Relays
 Cross Country - Stanford Invitational
 Men's Water Polo at Pacific
 Volleyball @ UCLA
Sunday, September 25
 Women's Golf - Mason Rudolph Championship
 Men's Golf - Golfweek Conference Challenge
 Men's Water Polo - Aggie Shootout
 Field Hockey v. Pacific
 Women's Soccer at Santa Clara


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