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Cal vs. Presbyterian: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

One more quarter of football left to play in this one.  Unless, of course, we go to overtime, and wouldn't that be, um, interesting.  But really -- the Bears are in control here, amirite?  

For my money, the highlight of the third quarter was Mr. Bigelow's 88-yard kickoff return to start the half.  Excited for his future, are we?  Sure, it's "just" the Presbyterian Blue Hose, but still: it was nice to see.  

Blue Hose vs Golden Bears coverage

Discuss all the fourth quarter action here.  What and/or whom do you hope to see in this quarter?  

And for those of you who bought the online stream of this game on All Access: was it worth your $7.95?  I know Kodiak's answer.  

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