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Golden Nuggets: Cal-Presbyterian Score Predictions

It's too bad more journalists are not interested in the Cal-Presby game (and really, why should they be?), or else we could have even more ridiculous predictions like Ted Miller's

California 742, Presbyterian 5: We won't be taking this game seriously.

To achieve that score, the Bears will have to score once every 34 seconds.  Basically, we will have to force a fumble on every kickoff return, with half of those fumbles being returned for touchdowns.  The other half will have to be recovered and converted into a TD on the next play.  Sounds reasonable, no?

After the jump the top-ranked Bears defeat Stanford at the Big Spike, Nnamdi Asomugha continues to be a model citizen, a walk-on bball player earns a near-perfect SAT score, and the 1922 Rose Bowl reminds the Bears not to take Presbyterian lightly.