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Fantasy Week in Review PLUS LSU - Mississippi State Open Thread

<em>The only catch that Paul Richardson was unable to make this past Saturday.</em>
The only catch that Paul Richardson was unable to make this past Saturday.

Let Tiny Loose's path of rage continues.


Rank Pick Set Name Total Pts W-L
1 Let Tiny Loose! 32 32-16
2 moving screen 31 31-17
3 Ron Mexico All Stars 30 30-18
4 CaliforniaSportsFan 29 29-19
5 Don't Ease It In Forsett 29 29-19
6 Lobsterback Bisque 29 29-19
7 CalFootballBlog 28 28-20
8 Oh peaches! 28 28-20
9 oski's eleven 28 28-20
10 DC2012 28 28-20
11 Tummy of the Golden Bear 28 28-20
12 Whohah's Valiant Carpetbaggers 28 28-20
13 moscow doug 28 28-20


I think we're all excited to see that USC Trojans 4 Ever fell into a 10-way tie for 14th.  Also, use this thread to discuss all of the LSU-MSU action tonight.  GO BEARS!

  • Ron Mexico All-Stars (Really man? That's like me using fugazy in a team name after that Kenyon Martin/Tim Thomas beef years ago) led this week with 16 correct picks. His only incorrect picks were Iowa (-6.5) over Iowa State, Ohio State (-18) over Toledo, Cal (-6.5) over Colorado, Hawaii (+6) against Washington, Virginia (-7) over Indiana, Boston College (+7) against UCF, and UCLA (-21) against San Jose State.
  • This week's worst among those who filled in all of their picks was Mallrat922024, who went 7/25. That's impressive, and not in a good way.
  • Only one person chose Colorado (+6.5) against Cal, the incredibly inappropriately named Come on Irene.
  • Only two people got Toledo (+18) against Ohio State correct.
  • Only eleven people got Iowa State (+6.5) against Iowa.
  • Only eight people got TCU (-1.5) against Air Force wrong.
  • Everyone pushed only South Carolina (-3) against Georgia.
Week 2 College Fantasy Football Standings

Suck It Starkey has a bit of a gripe here. One point off the highest total in the league, and 0-2? Ouch.


The Mack Truck known as IH8EVR1 was thumped by Lobsterback Bisque 140-126.25 behind the quarterbacking stylings of Russell Wilson. Geno Smith came on late for the Mountaineers and the H8ERs, but it wasn't enough to compensate for the anemic showing produced by James White.


atoms will crush you more than doubled up WhoLovesOrangeSoda by a count of 133-64.25. Denard Robinson decided he'd go all Denard Robinson again this week, and he and the UCF defense alone accounted for more points than the entire WhoLovesOrangeSoda roster. They were led by the LSU defense and a representative showing from Rodney Stewart.


Loser's Lurgy slipped by RAAAAMPAAAGEEE 108-107 behind Andrew Luck, Marcus Lattimore and Chris Owusu. I'm fairly certain they should automatically be disqualified for relying on the Furd passing game. Trent Richardson and Michael Floyd weren't quite enough to pull it out this week.


Big BAM put up some nice big numbers in beating Suck It Starkey 156.25-145. The brother-to-brother connection of Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen led Big BAM to victory just as they led our Golden Bears, in conjunction with Vick Ballard and the Western Michigan defense to hold off Bryant Moniz, LaMichael James, and the Virginia Tech defense.


Team America defeated Team Marshall soundly, 145-118.25. Case Keenum went off for 46 points, but had precious little help in trying to overcome a balanced attack led by Nick Foles, Chris Polk, Justin Blackmon, and the Florida defense.


Team 5 (needs to change its name) defeated born2longsnap 128.5-95 on the strength of T.Y. Hilton's career game against the putrid Louisville defense. Brandon Weeden, James Franklin and Isaiah Pead did their best, but couldn't make do with a total of 18 points from their backs and receivers.