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CGB Top 25, Week 3

Our top 4 remain unchanged, but Oklahoma State trounces Arizona to leap into our top 5.  Lots of shuffling elsewhere, but lots of week 2 patsies makes for not a lot to vote on.  Thoughts and justifications after the jump.

Berkelium97: LSU has the most impressive win of the season and thus stays on top.

ragnarok: Same with me.  Thought about Alabama (a fairly dominating win on the road), but I think Oregon is much better than Penn State (Nevada might agree with me).

Norcalnick: With a decent amount of meaningful games played, I pretty much threw out last week's ballot and started fresh.  The challenge this week was balancing teams that barely survived against average teams and teams that blew out bad teams.  USC had to block a tying field goal to beat Utah - is that more or less impressive than Stanford destroying the worst BCS team in the country?

Berkelium97: ASU and USC squeeze into the top 25.  I still have no idea if those teams are any good.  ASU’s supposedly great defense is not so great (losing half the team to injury will do that, I suppose).  Meanwhile, USC—a team that nearly lost to Minnesota—barely beat Utah, who indecisively beat Montana State.

ragnarok: I voted for USC, but reluctantly at the end of my ballot.  I really did have trouble coming up with more than about 15 teams I felt comfortable ranking.  Heck, I ended up voting for Washington State!

Berkelium97: Washington State has the top scoring offense in the land.  Since ballots still don’t mean anything during week 3, I’m putting them in the poll at #25.

Norcalnick: I had Texas in the 25 slot, and then said screw it and ranked Washington St. because who cares about Texas and their 'barely beating Rice and BYU at home' BS?

ragnarok: That's a lot of Pac-12 teams.  What about 2-0 Cal?  Yellow Fever voted for 'em.

Berkelium97: The feast-or-famine defense keeps the Bears out of the top-25.

Norcalnick: Still not ranking Cal.  They'll have to beat Washington for that to happen.  The juju is strong.

ragnarok: Any final thoughts?

Norcalnick: Unrelated to our ballot, but the coaches have TCU one spot ahead of Baylor in their poll.  Is that not the most asinine thing you've ever seen?