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Golden Nuggets: Brendan Bigelow Climbs the Depth Chart, Will Play Against Presbyterian

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Cal may have found a way to put a few more butts in the seats (or more subscriptions to watch the stream) for this weekend's matchup against Presbyterian: highly acclaimed running back Brendan Bigelow will see the field for the first time.

Bigelow, the Bears' heralded freshman out of Fresno, was resigned to redshirting the season after a disappointing training camp in which he discovered it takes a little longer than he thought to recover from multiple knee injuries. But after standing on the sidelines at Candlestick Park and watching the Bears play Fresno State in their season opener, Bigelow decided it was time to get on the field.

Now, after a strong week of practice in which he discarded the tentativeness that plagued him during camp, Bigelow is in position to see some playing time Saturday when the Bears host Presbyterian College at AT&T Park.

"I was giving up a little bit, but I shot back up," Bigelow said. "After the Fresno State game, I realized I really wanted to play. I love the game of football. I started running real hard. I just really started working."
But not playing for almost two years took its toll on Bigelow, who was hesitant to really cut it loose during training camp and was also adjusting to wearing a bulky brace on his knee.

"Physically, it looks like he's made the turn as far as being able to run full speed and cut," said Cal coach Jeff Tedford, who added he's planning to get Bigelow some playing time Saturday. "He feels comfortable doing it."

After the jump the AD makes Cal-Presbyterian available to all, tickets to the game receive a major discount, and a Pac-12 officiating coordinator admits the late hit call against Guyton was a blown call.


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