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September 11: Remembering Mark Bingham

Mark Bingham (via <a href="">dbillian</a>)
Mark Bingham (via dbillian)

Today is September 11th, where one of the finest individuals ever to suit up in the Blue and Gold gave his life in the service of others. CGB remembers (and has remembered; thanks carp) the memory of Cal rugby athlete Mark Bingham as best as we possibly can. Catch up on everything Mark Bingham at a site dedicated in his memory.

Let's also take a look at this upcoming movie about Bingham and his mother, and how she's tried her best to honor his memory by stepping up for same-sex rugby (the Bingham Cup will be taking place next year in Manchester) and same-sex rights. Click here to donate to the film's progression, which is trying to raise $75k before September 30th to ensure a national broadcast.

The trailer is below. It certainly looks like a story worth telling to the rest of the country.

Read other tributes, recollections and articles from Mike Silver (and another piece from him here), Rick Reilly of ESPN, the official remembrance from Cal Athletics, Sheila Sanchez of the Los Gatos Patch, Yahoo, Julia Sulek of the San Jose Mercury News, Ailene Voisin of the Sacramento Bee, Eric Poole, and Gabriel Baumgaertner of the Daily Cal.

Go Mark. Go Bears.