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USA Rugby vs. Ireland - Rugby World Cup Open Thread

Blaine Scully: American Hero
Blaine Scully: American Hero

Time: 10:00 am PST (tape delayed from late last night) Channel: NBC

Lost amidst the excitement of a new football season, a number of former Cal ruggers are about to begin competing at the highest level of international rugby!  An amazing seven Cal rugby alums will be wearing the American jersey in New Zealand.  Those players are Chris Biller, Eric Fry, Mike MacDonald, Brian McClenahan, Louis Stanfill, Colin Hawley and Blaine Scully.  And Cal alum Matt Sherman will be helping to coach the squad as well!  MacDonald, Stanfill and Scully (fresh off a national title winning performance!) are expected to start in today's opening match.

It's an incredibly tall order for the United States to advance out of group play and into the knockout phase.  Only the top two teams in the 5 team group advance, and the USA will be heavy underdogs in most of their matches.  But that won't make watching the Eagles any less awesome.  Go Bears!

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