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Golden Nuggets: Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen Lead the Bears to an Improbable Overtime Victory

Despite being outperformed in nearly every statistical category, the Bears left Boulder with a win thanks to the brother-to-brother connection of Zach Maynard and Keenan Allen.  It wasn't easy and it certainly was not pretty, but it was a win.  Here's a sample of what Tedford and Maynard said after the game.  Clancy Pendergast, CJ Anderson, Anthony Miller, Marc Anthony, and Steve Williams also spoke.  Click the link to see what they had to say.

First up is Coach Tedford:

On Tailback C.J. Anderson

"C.J. did a great job running through the tackles and obviously that big touchdown. Today, he earned some more playing time."
On What The Win Says About Cal 

"To go up and then have them go back up and in a seesaw game like that, I still believe our guys are going to make plays. Our guys continued to fight and all the things we talked about, it validates everything that we've been working for and believe in." 

On QB Zach Maynard
"He is a passionate person and a passionate competitor. He has guys around him who are also passionate competitors. Everybody today stepped up and made plays. Anthony (Miller) made a big one handed catch in the end zone, Keenan (Allen) made some big catches as well. Guys took turns running the football. We had too many penalties down the stretch, but then even still we fought back. When we were way back in overtime we showed a lot of character."

Zach Maynard made some comments:

On His Thoughts Before The Final Play 

"I was thinking touchdown when I saw the defensive back playing tight alignment, and then I just threw the ball up and Keenan (Allen) went and got it."
On The Performance Of Tyler Hansen And Paul Richardson 

"Richardson, how many yards did he have? I'd sure like to know, that was ridiculous. The quarterback did very well, he made smart decisions all game."

On The 1st-and-30 play in overtime 

"Their coverage was flatfooted, I wanted to throw a strong ball and we came up with it." 

After the jump we have the usual assortment of recaps and analysis, volleyball finishes preseason play a perfect 10-0, and we remember the lives of two Bears lost on September 11th.

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