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College Football Week Two: Saturday evening open thread

I don't know what mood you're in after today's Cal game, but whatever it is, it's bound to be improved by...wait for it...


This is your open thread for Saturday's evening games.  Here is your full schedule of televised games for the evening (you can also see it after the jump).  Also, if you want to discuss the Cal-Georgetown Cal volleyball game, click here.  

With all due respect to Ucla vs. San Jose State, here are your headliners for this evening:

* BYU at Texas, 4 PM PT, ESPN2: One is an independent.  The other might be headed that way.  It's the Poulan WeedEater Independence Bowl!  

* Utah at USC, 4:30 PM PT, Versus:  First Pac-12 game EVAIR for the Utes.  

* Notre Dame at Michigan, 5 PM PT, ESPNFirst night game at The Big House in this series.  And there might be some uniform fail in this game.  Viewer discretion is advised.  

If you want the Cal postgame thread, here that is.  People reveling in victory over there.  

BYU at Texas   7:00 PM
UTEP at SMU FSN Affiliates   7:00 PM
Morgan St. at Bowling Green   7:00 PM
New Mexico at Arkansas     7:00 PM
Northern Illinois at Kansas   7:00 PM
Fresno St. at Nebraska Channel Finder
  7:00 PM
Virginia at Indiana Channel Finder
  7:00 PM
UAB at Florida
FSN Affiliates

Blackout Map

DirecTV 792

Dish Network 455
7:00 PM
Ball St. at USF

DirecTV 791

Dish Network 459
7:00 PM
Robert Morris at Liberty   7:00 PM
St. Francis (PA) at North Dakota St.   7:00 PM
Utah at USC     7:30 PM
Connecticut at Vanderbilt

DirecTV 793

Dish Network 462
7:30 PM
Notre Dame at Michigan   8:00 PM
Boston College at UCF   8:00 PM
Northwestern St. at LSU

Blackout Map

DirecTV 788

DirecTV PPV 787

Dish Network 463

Dish Network PPV 464
8:00 PM
San Jose St. at UCLA   10:00 PM