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Golden Nuggets: Cal-Fresno State Score Predictions

Our long, national nightmare is over.  College football returns in all its glory at 5pm PDT today.  Do I care about Wisconsin or UNLV? Nope.  Will I watch anyway? You better believe it!  If you need your college football fix today, use this as your open thread.

As is the custom on Thursdays, everybody and their mothers make picks for the weekend's games.  Since the Cal-Fresno State matchup is relatively low-profile, we only have a couple predictions.

Ted Miller is pumping the Pac-12 sunshine, as he predicts every team (except Oregon) will win this weekend.

California 28, Fresno State 24: QB Zach Maynard will be solid in his Cal debut and the defense will keep the Bulldogs in check.

Jon Wilner enthusiastically picks Fresno State to cover the spread, but selects Cal as the winner.

FRESNO STATE (plus-11.5) vs. CAL (Candlestick Park): Combine tens of thousands of FSU fans with expected first-game jitters for Cal QB Zach Maynard … and the Bears could be in trouble. Big trouble. As in: losing outright trouble. Pick: Fresno State.

Straight-up winners: USC, Stanford, Cal, Houston, Oregon and Hawaii.

Five-star special: Fresno State. It’s not the setting or the expected pro-FSU crowd or Maynard’s first game — it’s all of that, and more. Feels like it’s going to be a real struggle for the Bears.

After the jump Isi Sofele chats with the fans, JO talks with a Fresno State beat writer, and Tedford talks about fan expectations and last year's disappointing finish.