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Cal Men's Basketball Scrimmage Highlights

Earlier today, assistant Coach John Montgomery tweeted a link to a youtube video of highlights from a recent basketball scrimmage. Although it's hard to draw any real conclusions from a short video comprised almost exclusively of highlights, it was fun to get an early look at the new players. After the jump, we'll offer our quick analysis of the scrimmage.

Initial impressions:


Richard Solomon looks stronger and more assertive. He looks very confident about where he needs to be on the floor. He's also showing some improved movement off the ball and better floor vision to set up his teammates. Looked like the MVP of the scrimmage.

Justin Cobbs has quick hands. He was very disruptive on the perimeter. I like how he keeps his head up and shows nice vision moving the ball both on the break and in the halfcourt. His handles look solid. He's quick enough to break a guy down, but he's strong enough to finish once he gets his shoulder past the defender. Didn't see any 3's, but he did make a baseline jumper.

Allen Crabbe still looks very smooth. Looks like he's added a step-back jumper to his arsenal.

Brandon Smith showed some confidence in taking a pull-up jumper. Looks poised, though he had some trouble checking Cobbs.

David Kravish has a nice touch from the baseline. He'll be a really nice option on pick and pops or out of the high post. He's pretty skinny, but he does try to battle on the boards.

Christian Behrens looks like a slasher from the wing position. Although he's pretty tall for a wing, he shows the ability to put it on the floor and finish. I like how he moves without the ball to cut into the lane. He also shows some toughness and grit standing in there to draw charges.

Avinash Kunnath:

Solomon still a little wiry, but he's dunking a lot. He looks way more confident and it looks like he's leaping a lot better than before
Cobbs makes some really nice passes either on the run or in halfcourt. Good finishing ability. He can dunk too. Looked like the best guard at last year's practice, and it doesn't look like things have changed too much here. He's the real deal.
Jorge was working with the second team for most of the game. Second team got rolled a lot.
Smith also looks pretty assured; we have a nice one-two combo at guard.
Kravish has a nice jumper. He's going to see some decent time as a stretch forward."
Harper Kamp did not participate it looks like. At least I don't see any vid of him.
Behrens taking charges and being generally active (good cuts on the floor to get open). I can see why Monty likes him.


Kravish also looked active on the boards.

Crabbe is playing in a mask. Didn't appear to affect his play.

Kamp did not appear to be participating.

So Cal fans, are you excited by this year's team and the new players? Share your thoughts and observations in the comments!