Reminder: Candlestick Tailgating Saturday Sept 3

Glory glory hallelujah!  We're a hop, skip and a jump away from the new Cal season on Saturday and this is a friendly to come meet your CGB buddies and maybe even a few strangers before the game to tailgate.  Here's the original Tailgating at the Stick thread if you missed it the first time around.  A few more details after the jump.


I'll be driving in with some friends, hoping to get there to set up around 2:00.  Unfortunately our actually "tailgated" vehicle canceled on us but our replacement should work out fine.  We'll have a bbq, beverages and a Baden football with a Cal script on it to toss around.

We may have to sort of play the parking situation by ear but my goal is to get setup around the F or G zones in the parking lot, just southeast of the stadium.  We have a pass and I think it'll be on a first come basis.  This parking map is kind of hard to read but we're aiming to go in gate A at the south end since our tickets are in section 14 on the west side of the stadium.

Email me through my profile page with Tailgate in the subject if you are in (or possibly in).  I'll put together an email Saturday morning with our time frame (if it changes at all) then definitely a follow-up pinpointing our location.  Lastly, I'll try to update this thread from my phone...but sometimes that proves difficult.

Questions, concerns and general excitement in the comments!

Be nice. You can find the original CGB team at

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