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Golden Nuggets: Sandy Barbour Denies That Tedford is on the Hot Seat

Though he is about the become the school's all-time leader in wins, Jeff Tedford is under more pressure than usual this year.  Nonetheless, Sandy Barbour reaffirms her unwavering support for Tedford.

"There's no doubt that when you achieve success like Jeff did very quickly, we all get spoiled," Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour said. "The bar gets raised very quickly, and anything less than that seems like a disappointment. But being educators and taking the long view ... what Jeff has meant to, not only the football program, but the athletic program and this university is absolutely tremendous."

Still, a 5-7 record last year and underachieving seasons in 2009 and 2007 have some wondering about Tedford's job security if 2011 is another disappointment. Tedford has five years left on his contract after signing a two-year extension after the 2008 season.

Barbour laughs off that notion, pointing to Tedford's résumé on and off the field.

"His job security is lock solid," Barbour said. "I think Jeff is uniquely equipped to be the head coach at Cal. We are so fortunate to have him lead our football program. He is that right combination for us, a highly proficient coach along with all the other things that are a highly important part of our mission, vision and values to the campus.

"The fact that he has achieved competitive success and done these other things at a really high level is absolutely masterful."

"They'll be back," ESPN analyst and former Florida coach Urban Meyer said. "He's that good a coach. Cal is a great school, and they'll get the good players in there."

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