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CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 8.28.11

First week of the football season!  And Cal volleyball got underway with a solid sweep in the Cal Molten Classic this weekend.  This week, more sports start up as both soccers get going, along with cross country and men's water polo.  There is a lot of action as we ease out of the off-season to the fall season.

Last week, I discussed whether Cal Athletics provides an easy to read global calendar of all events.  Right now, although Cal does have a scoreboard, it does not appear that Cal has an easy to read global Calendar.  

Cal, however, does appear to have downloadable schedules.  You can download them here in a couple different formats.  So, that could be a great way to download all the great Cal events that you love onto your personal calendar.  Except that many people don't have a personal calendar.  Further, I tried to download them to my Google Calendar and it didn't seem to work.  It stated that it added the events, but I couldn't see how they showed up.  Perhaps I screwed up, I do not know.  Either way, we'll continue to put the global Cal Athletics calendar together for people to see all the events (with a perma link in the "About Us" section on the left sidebar).  And hopefully we won't screw any of the dates up.  

A full schedule for both Cal Athletics and CGB after the jump.  Things are ramping up for the season.  It's gonna be a lot of fun.  Especially if Cal wins!  GO BEARS!

Here is the full schedule.  

Thursday, September 1
 Men's soccer vs. Northwestern
WhenThu, September 1, 5pm – 7pm
WhereEvanston, Illinois (map)
Friday, September 2
 Volleyball v. Long Island - Cavalier Classic
WhenFri, September 2, 10am – 1pm
WhereCharlottesville, VA. (map)
 Volleyball @ Virginia - Cavalier Classic
WhenFri, September 2, 4pm – 7pm
WhereCharlottesville, VA (map)
 Women's Soccer v. Kent State
WhenFri, September 2, 4pm – 7pm
WhereBerkeley, CA. (map)
Saturday, September 3
 Men's Water Polo v. UC Davis
WhenSat, September 3, 9am – 12pm
WhereBerkeley, CA (map)
 Cross Country - USF Invitational
WhenSat, September 3, 9:30am – 3:30pm
WhereSan Francisco, CA (map)
 Volleyball v. East Carolina - Cavalier Classic
WhenSat, September 3, 10am – 1pm
WhereCharlottesville, VA (map)
 Field Hockey at Pacific
WhenSat, September 3, 1pm – 4pm
WhereStockton, CA. (map)
 Football v. Fresno State
WhenSat, September 3, 4pm – 7pm
WhereCandlestick Park, SF (map)
 Men's Water Polo v. Santa Clara
WhenSat, September 3, 4:30pm – 7:30pm
WhereBerkeley, CA (map)
Sunday, September 4
 Women's Soccer v. Denver
WhenSun, September 4, 3pm – 6pm
WhereBerkeley, CA (map)
 Men's Soccer vs. UConn
WhenSun, September 4, 4:30pm – 6:30pm
WhereStorrs, Connecticut (map)




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