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The Wisdom of Crowds: CGB Wants You to Pick the Winner of Each Pac-12 Conference Game This Season

Last week we asked you to predict how well our Golden Bears will fare against our opponents this season (and we will post the results tomorrow).  This week, we expand our horizons to include all our Pac-12 brethren in an attempt to forecast the entire, 54-game Pac-12 conference schedule.  Ask any one of us (even an all-knowing Marshawnthusiast) how the whole season will play out, and you will likely get an inaccurate result.  Ask all of CGB and the results will be more accurate, but perhaps a bit biased.  But, if we incorporate responses from all 12 fanbases, we ought to have a pretty accurate set of predictions.

With this in mind, we reach out to the CGB readers as well as the rest of the Pac-12 fanbases to pick the winner of each of the 54 Pac-12 conference games.  Since we are only interested in picking winners (as opposed to likelihoods of winning, as we do in our Cal predictions), the survey should not take more than a minute or two to fill out.  Once I have the submissions, I will work some magic and churn out results whose accuracy will put even Ted Miller's weekly picks to shame.  Or so I hope.

After the jump we encourage you to fill in your predictions (or you can go here to fill it out).  Want to discuss some of the harder choices (who will win the WSU-UCLA pillowfight? how about the first conference game of the season: Utah at USC)? Feel free to do so in the comments.  Submit your predictions by Sunday at 8:00pm and we will post the results next week.

NOTE:  If you're having trouble finding the submit button, try scrolling down a little bit with the scroll bar on your right.  As an alternative, you could always fill out the form here.