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CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 8.21.11

THE LAST WEEK OF THE OFF-SEASON!  It's been a long off-season.  We've been fortunate here that Cal sports were kicking butt well into June.  So, it hasn't been *that* long.  But now some sports, such as soccer, have started back up.  More and more sports are adding their schedule on, so we continue to add them to the CGB Cal Athletics Calendar.  Cal Athletics doesn't have an easy to read global calendar to my knowledge.  They do have this global scoreboard.   The problem there is that you have to click on each individual day to see what is going on.  

So, we've been putting together a Cal Athletics Calendar in Google Calendar.  This is easy to read, so you can just glance at days and see what is going on.  You can see it here in 3 separate ways.  Weekly, monthly, or as an event by event listing.  Honestly, it's fairly dull data entry, so I would be pleased were Cal to put an easy to view global calendar together that we could link directly to.  Until then, we do have this slowly coming together.  So, check out this week's action after the jump.  Women's Soccer is in Hawaii!  

And a full CGB schedule after the jump.  Of course, we reserve all rights to move any post at any time without prior notice.  Thanks and GO BEARS!

The Full Athletics Calendar is available here.  


Friday, August 26
 Field Hockey @ Louisville
WhenFri, August 26, 3pm – 6pm
WhereLouisville, Ky. (map)
 Volleyball v. UC Riverside
WhenFri, August 26, 7pm – 10pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
 Men's Soccer vs. USF
WhenFri, August 26, 7pm – 9pm
WhereSan Francisco (map)
 Women's Soccer v. North Dakota State
WhenFri, August 26, 10pm – Sat, August 27, 1am
WhereHonolulu (map)
Saturday, August 27
" 1:00am
 Women's Soccer v. North Dakota State
WhenFri, August 26, 10pm – Sat, August 27, 1am
WhereHonolulu (map)
 Volleyball v. Fairfield
WhenSat, August 27, 11am – 2pm
WhereBerkeley, CA. (map)
 Field Hockey v. Michigan State
WhenSat, August 27, 3pm – 6pm
WhereLouisville, Ky. (map)
 Volleyball v. Florida International
WhenSat, August 27, 7pm – 10pm
WhereBerkeley, CA. (map)
Sunday, August 28
 Women's Soccer @ Hawaii
WhenSun, August 28, 8pm – 11pm
WhereHonolulu (map)






Week of August 21, 2011


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