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Golden Nuggets: A 5-7 Worst-Case Scenario for the Bears

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Ted Miller's worst-case scenario last season was shockingly accurate.  He predicted every single win and loss and was spot-on with his predictions of close wins and blowout losses.  Let us hope this year's worst-case scenario is not as accurate as least year's.  After Maynard is injured, Brock is ineffective, and Bridgford gets injured, the Bears finish 5-7 which is not nearly as bad as what follows...

"It's not Coach Tedford's fault," receiver Keenan Allen says after a second-consecutive 5-7 finish. "Players win or lose games. And if we'd had Zach healthy the entire season, we'd have won a lot more games and we wouldn't be having this conversation."

But too many Cal fans have turned against Tedford. Athletic director Sandy Barbour announces that "with great regret" she is terminating him.

Tedford sits out a year before being hired by the Oakland Raiders, whom he leads to a victory in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Stanford wins the national championship, whipping Alabama 41-10.

"What the heck -- I'm coming back!" announces quarterback Andrew Luck, which inspires every Cardinal to do the same and not leave early for the NFL draft.

Barbour hires Eugene F. Teevens III -- most know him as "Buddy" -- to replace Tedford. "I thought he was so close to doing some good things at Stanford," Barbour explains.

After the jump Sports Illustrated tops Uncle Ted's worst-case with a 4-8 prediction for the Bears, Monty and the Bears fall to Norway, and AT&T Park gives Tavecchio a "warm, tingly feeling inside."