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The Sacramento Report: Preseason Edition

Last year, you may recall that I wrote a series of posts detailing information from weekly meetings of the Cal Grid Club of Sacramento.  There were recruiting gurus and media members, referees and doctors.  And even Sandy Barbour!  You're probably saying to yourself, "Gee, how can I join such a fine organization?"  Well, you've come to the right place!  You see, I'm the current president of the Grid Club, and as such am tasked with reaching out to potential new membership.  To join the Grid Club, follow this link and following the instructions!

But you may be asking yourself "Why should I join if Norcalnick is just going to transcribe every meeting onto the internet?"  Well, for one thing, my notes are hardly transcriptions - merely best recollections, and expressionist painting of the evening.  A much fuller experience is gained by showing up in person.  Plus, by showing up in person you have the opportunities to interact with guests and ask them questions directly.

You may want to know exactly which guests will be a part of our 2011 program.  Unfortunately, there are still a few slots that we're busy sorting out, but the majority of the program is in place.  It will include a 15 minute call-in Q&A with every assistant coach on the Cal staff, from stalwarts Jim Michalczik and Tosh Lupoi to newcomers Ashley Ambrose and Marcus Arroyo.

We'll also have a 15 minute call-in interview with an expert on Cal's opponent on the following Saturday.  That means people like the Seattle Time's excellent reporter Bob Condotta, or Pac-12 TV rights expert Jon Wilner.  We even have a Presbyterian expert!

But of course the best part of the meeting is the live guest.  We'll have Cal beat writers, recruiting experts, SAHPC leaders, some Cal spirit, and as always a visit from Sandy Barbour for a 'State of Cal Athletics' talk.

So if you're anywhere near downtown Sacramento and can make it regularly on Wednesday nights throughout the season, I strongly encourage you to join!  You'll meet a bunch of friendly, like-minded Cal fans with a passion for talking football and a love for our Bears.  We'd love to have you!