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Golden Nuggets: Cal QB Zach Maynard Improves His Timing, Decision-Making, and Poise

After spending most of the spring learning the offense, Zach Maynard is becoming very comfortable with the offense.  On an unrelated but intriguing note, during yesterday's practice Tedford mentioned that Josh Hill will be a "secret weapon" for the defense--one whose position Tedford did not want to divulge.

Tedford did, however, praise starting quarterback Zach Maynard, who continues to improve on the field. On Monday, his arm strength looked to have improved, as he was putting more spin and velocity on the ball.

"He's always been real crisp throwing the football, but his decisions are quicker. When your decisions are quicker, your timing's better and so, he's getting the ball out really quick, he's done a real nice job," Tedford said. "He's very accurate throwing the ball. He throws all the balls really well. He can throw the deep ball, he can throw the comebacks on a line, he's got touch for the intermediate stuff, so he's got all the balls. Now it's a matter of just keeping him protected and making sure that everybody else around him does their job."

After a bit of a slow start to his first fall camp, Maynard has looked progressively more comfortable in the pocket.

"Zach's having a very good camp. Every day we're out here, the more he gets comfortable with the offense and what we're doing and repetition," Tedford said. "It's something he hasn't had. He only had 15 practices in the spring, and that was his first look at [the offense]. Now, you can tell, it's just getting easier and easier for him.

"He's got ice water in his veins. He doesn't get riled up about too much. He's a calm customer, and he's got good focus on what he's doing and I think he'll take that same mentality into the game."

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