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Predict the 2011 Cal Football Season: Summer Edition

Several months ago we ran the spring edition of our semi-annual season prediction series.  When we asked our readers to predict how well Cal will perform this season, the result was a clear 7-5 record.  Three months later and one week into fall camp, we know more about both ourselves and our opponents.  Our defense is impressing coaches at camp, the offense is improving, and some Cal fans are pumping the sunshine.

Now is your opportunity to use all the wisdom you have gained over the past few months to provide even more accurate predictions of how well the Bears will fare against their opponents this season.  Of course, we're not simply predicting wins and losses.  Instead, we're interested in the chance that Cal will win each game. So on the form, if you believe Cal has a 100% chance of beating Presbytarian, submit a "1" on the form underneath that game. If you believe Cal has a 20% chance of beating USC, submit "0.20" there.   And so forth.  You can sum up those percentages to get an estimated number of wins for the season.  Please keep the probabilities between 0.00 and 1.00 (i.e. avoid using 9 or 90 to indicate 90%), or else it slows things down because I have to convert the number to the proper format.  As much as we'd like to have 50 wins this season, I just don't think it's in the cards.  Also, please include an alias when you submit the form (even a random string of text is fine).

After the jump is the form which should take no more than a minute or so to fill out.  We encourage you to discuss your ballots in the comments below.  You have until 12pm on August 23rd to give us your predictions.  After that, I will collect that data and turn it into delicious morsels of wisdom.  Check back next week for the results!