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CGB Weekly Guide - Week Of 8.14.11

Don't look now, but the fall sports season has begun.  It is just exhibition games at this point, but it is something!  Cal women's soccer won 4-1 over FSU (a preview of the 9.3. football matchup????).  Field hockey scrimmaged against UC Davis, winning 10-2!  This is just the start of hopefully a long and successful fall season for all Cal sports!  

We started doing our pan-sport calendar last year (viewable here) and will continue with it.  Sports put up their schedules at different times, so we're adding them as they go up.  From now on, we'll not only have the CGB schedule for the week, but also the Cal athletics schedule.  So, you can check here Sunday night and not miss a single event!  GO BEARS!

Tuesday, August 16
 Field Hockey at Stanford
WhenTue, August 16, 7pm – 10pm
WhereStanford, CA (map)

Thursday, August 18

 Field Hockey v. Alberta
WhenThu, August 18, 3pm – 6pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
Friday, August 19
 Women's Soccer v. Pepperdine
WhenFri, August 19, 5pm – 8pm
WhereBerkeley (map)
Sunday, August 21
 Women's Soccer v. San Diego State University
WhenSun, August 21, 1pm – 4pm
WhereBerkeley (map)



Week of August 14, 2011


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9:30 A.M. - Men's Basketball Open Thread - MBB is taking on a team from Europe with a name I can't pronounce. Apparently, there is a stream, so we can watch it. Let's Do This Thing!

Afternoon - Hydrotech Analysis Page - Ever want to read all of Hydro's World Famous Analyses and had trouble finding them? NO MORE! We reveal a page with all the goodly goodness.


Early Morning - Upsala Basket Recap - Kodiak takes a deeper look at how Cal MBB did against the Swedes on Monday!

Late Morning - CGB Hall Of Fame Standard Entry Announcement - Find Out Who Made It Into The CGB Hall Of Fame!

Afternoon - Golden Nuggets - Berkelium97 provides a round up of all the pertinent stories!



Early Morning - An Orange And Black Nightmare - I'm not talking about the Giants winning the World Series, it's Oregon State preview time!


Late Morning - Recruiting By Solarise - Solarise does what he does best; school us on all the recruiting knowledge we need!



Early Morning - Damn Those Lobsterbacks- CGB talks Stanford Football in 2011!

Late Morning - Sacramento! Grid Club Introduction - NorCalNick is ready for another great year as the President. Let him tell you what we can expect from the Grid Club and how you can join!

Afternoon - Golden Nuggets - Berkelium97 provides a roundup of recent Cal stories.



Early Morning - Cal Football Fall Camp Weekly Review - Kodiak reviews the week in Cal Football Fall Camp!

Late Morning - What is the future of social security in America? - CGB discusses Dennis Erickson and his Sun Devils



Morning - Feeling left out? CGB talks the Arizona Wildcats, who do not face Cal unless it is in the Pac12 Championship Game



Morning - Heart Of The Team - CGB talks about the Cal OLine

Afternoon - Golden Nuggets - Berkelium97 provides a roundup of recent Cal stories.