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Illuminati, Stonecutters, And SEC Presidents To Meet Today Regarding Inviting Texas A & M To SEC

Update: The SEC has decided not to extend an invitation to Texas A&M.

The odd thing about realignment in college football is how each school/conference tries to play the media. Last year, we were all breathlessly waiting for Chip Brown's Rival's updates about the Pac-12 or Pac-16 or Big-LIV or whatever. Then, it came out that Texas was essentially using him.

So, all this week, there have been rumors floating around about the imminent breakup of the Big-XII. We haven't really been discussing them much here, besides one initial post, because they were just rumors and I thought Texas A & M was trying to use the media to beat down Texas and their Long Horn Network. However, now the New York Times (of all places!) is reporting that the SEC Presidents are meeting to discuss inviting Texas A & M. It is not a lock that they will invite Texas A & M. However, it is a real thing that is really occurring. REALLY! You can even read more here:

Eleven of the 12 Southeastern Conference presidents will meet Sunday at a secret location to discuss the admission of Texas A&M to the league, according to a high-ranking SEC official with first-hand knowledge of the talks.

The official said there was a 30 to 40 percent chance that the presidents could vote against Texas A&M’s membership. (The president who will not be there in person will be on speakerphone.) He also said there was the issue of which university would become the 14th team, something many in college sports will monitor.

So, this super secret meeting could be taking place right now. First, the SEC Presidents made Steve Guttenberg a star. And now this? Use this as an open thread to discuss any developments that may emerge from this top secret meeting, presumably taking place either at the top of Mt. Everest or in Mack Brown's subterranean lair (how is that for irony?).

Perhaps FiatSlug was correct that Texas is playing Texas A & M into being the ones to break up the Big-XII so they don't look so bad anymore. Who knows? Either way, I trust Larry Scott will ensure the Pac-Infinity comes out of this fine enough. Oh and GO BEARS!