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Golden Nuggets: The Bears' Running Back Situation Begins to Coalesce

While the team's younger running backs show promise, we will probably see some familiar faces atop the depth chart at RB.

"We need to improve," Tedford said. "Too many balls on the ground today. Defense was popping, separating the backs from the balls a couple times, and we can't have that. Those young backs who are just getting in there, ball security is the No. 1 thing, and that's the thing that happens with every young back. Every young back gets whacked a few times, the ball comes out until they learn how important that is. You see them right now? [They were doing up-downs] They're paying the price for that."
The odds-on favorite to take hold of the No. 2 slot behind starter Isi Sofele is junior Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson, who has dropped the excess weight that held him down during the spring to emerge as a strong, evasive runner through the first week of fall camp.

"Covaughn has had a real nice camp," Tedford said. "Covaughn came back in shape, ready to go. We had a goal-line play the other day where it was one-on-one with him and Mychal Kendricks, and he ran right through him, got his pads down. That's been the thing about Covaughn, making sure he's physical enough, and he put his pads down and did a great job. I think right now, he'd be the second guy, and then the third guy is still up for grabs."

After a personnel meeting on Sunday, reps at each position will be adjusted, with Sofele likely getting fewer snaps just so the staff can see what the other, younger backs can do.

"We'll try to back off of him a little bit and let the other guys go," Tedford said. "If the one's and two's are entrenched at that point, or if we feel really good about it, then we'll try and get the three, four and five guy a lot more reps to try to identify who's the third, fourth guys are. Covaughn's not entrenched quite yet."

Tedford said that Brendan Bigelow "didn't do much," on Saturday, and that ideally, Sofele would get between 18-20 reps per game in the fall.

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